ABSA recycles waste material into clean, green and valuable material

Turning wastes into high quality resources

  • EAFD (Electric Arc Furnace Dust) recycled into clean, green and valable zinc oxide (Oxindus/ABSA patent)

Recycling a large range of mineral & metal

From collections to ready-to-use, safe, and clean products.


ABSA involvement in industrial recycling


- Reprocessing stainless steel dust units engineered for a major world  steelmaker.

  • Valuable metal recycling
  • Environmental processing

- Industrial products with Russian companies

  • Electronic units recycling with some precious metals and tantalum.

- Reprocessing and depolluting system for steelworks

  • Three specific patents

- Recycling complex minerals with uranium

  • Molybdenum and uranium reselling

Recycling of industrial spent catalysts






ABSA is your specialist for the recycling of spent industrial catalysts of all types. Industrial catalysts are used in oil refining, petrochemical industry, and in the production of various basic, fine and intermediate chemicals. Precious metals, typically in mono- or bimetallic form, are usually applied to various carrier types in different shapes and sizes, depending on the application.




ABSA recycles safely and environmentally correct.

No discharge of effluent through air, water or ground