trading activities

AARTHUS BEAHRING SA (ABSA) is a trading company specialized in 

« solid commodities / non ferrous metals »


ABSA purchases commodities in its own name

ABSA works in partnership with premium Swiss banks

ABSA benefits from the skills and experience for the financing of business operations


ABSA purchases and sells a large range of Non-Ferrous Metal in the form of :

  • Metal
  • Mineral: ore & concentrate
  • Off grade products 
  • Waste, spent catalyst...

Prompt sourcing & selling of large range of non ferrous metals, ore, concentrate etc.

   - Cu (Copper)

   - Zn (Zinc)

   - Sn (Tin)

   - Pb (Lead)

   - Ni (Nickel)

   - Cr (Chrome)

   - Mo (Molybden)

   - Sb (Antimony)

   - W (Tungsten)

   - V (Vanadium)

   - ... and their alloys

   - Spent catalysts





We buy a large range of non-ferrous scrap metals and wastes or in the form of:

residues, muds, cakes, turns, oxides, sulfate, ashes from industry...