trading process

AARTHUs BEAHRING SA (ABSA) is a trading company specialized in 

« solid commodities / non ferrous metals » 


Become ABSA partner!

We are constantly looking for agents or simple business contributors, whether exclusive or not, in all countries of the world.

ABSA provides assistance from all its technical departments

ABSA guarantees by contract to all its agents & business contributors the payment of intermediation fees

ABSA protects the interests of its agents & business contributors over the long term

Intermediation fees are paid as soon as the transaction is closed via our bank in Switzerland


ABSA trading process

Process as Buyer:


At ABSA, we value long-term relationships based on trust.


Depending on Seller's wishes, ABSA can buy the entire annual production available for sale, avoiding intermediate storage.


Payments will be mainly performed by letter of credit, through a premium Swiss bank, within 2-5 days. 


For operations that require it, ABSA can also intervene on spot operations.


Seller is free to grant ABSA the possibility of reselling its production on a geographical area which it will have determined according to its own needs.



Process as Seller:


Thanks to its experience, ABSA is able to supply a wide range of products in large quantities.


The quality of the products ABSA sell is validated by a strict verification process.


ABSA guarantees the reliability and experience of all our suppliers via a compliance procedure that ABSA takes in charge. 


ABSA controls all the whole supply chain and is partner of the best referenced companies (Steinweg, CMA/CGM, Pacorini etc.).

Information needed to implement the analysis of offers by our trading services:


  • Product presentation:
  • Type of product
  • Product analysis
  • Quantities
  • Delivery recurrence
  • FOB target price
  • Area of origin of the product
  • Photo of the product up close
  • Stock/Product environment Photo



As soon as the operation is accepted by our services:


  • A contract will be proposed to the intermediation team.
  • This contract will determine the amount of commissions.
  • Commissions will be paid upon completion of the transaction.
  • In the event of recurring transactions, the intermediation team will continue to receive its commissions.
  • Commissions will be paid by a premium Swiss bank that will process the transaction.




If necessary, our technical team can assist you in all the steps.



ABSA is able to handle the entire logistic chain.